Sunday, 19 October 2008

Don't fear the reaper

So it is true. What you most fear always comes to pass.

No amount of prayers can stop it. And when it is done, no one can control it.

There is funk, that is beyond Blue Funk. There is so much pain beyond what one can bear.

And there is niceness, so much, the world becomes a kinder place. People who are mere strangers suddenly embrace you and buy you chocolates and are no longer strangers any more.

Friends hold you in comfort, kiss you to better the emptiness. But it's over. There is nothing there anymore, no, not even the fear.

You will overcome everything because that's what life is about. And when it kicks you in the balls, you hold your head high and say you are above this. You are you, you've been through worse, you've hit rock bottom. And besides, you gave another person the chance to cut you so deep and scar you so much. It is your fault.

No, "You and me, babe, how about it?" There is no Romeo and Juliet who are together in eternity.

And there is no one saying, "Hold my hand and don't fear the reaper. I won't let you down and we can be us because we are what we are and I believe in what we can do." There is no we.

And yet I live. I know not why.

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