Sunday, 13 April 2008


So yes, we're 25 posts strong now. And that's something to celebrate. Looks like I did it, after all.
I'm a blogger now. Legit.
Happy Silver, darling. Muah.
Incidentally, Silver is this full on let-me-teach-a-young-girl-about-sex-and-seduction-sort-of-book by Penny Jordan. Ancient, of course, but it was quite an eye-opener when I was in standard six. LOL.
There, a congratulation, a recommendation, a memory, and a titillation. Am I good or what! Hahahahaha.
"Come in to my parlour... and linger on..."


Rati Ramadas said...

yay!! congratulations!!!
u are a legt blogger now...while i sadly slave on...
and yes i confess...silver was an eye opener...hehe!!

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

yay! Rati, you visited. Sure, you'll be there in a jiffy. I love your posts man, they are so enviably brief.

And please, please tell me you got the eye-opener pun about Silver. And I'd never have guessed you read it. Did you read it the way we read them books? Hahahahaha. Muah, love you.

amandeep said...

I never knew silver until now but I knew enough about the subject by class six, or was it when I was six? Congratulations! But Bhumika, the itensity has come down a bit. I know blogs are casual writings but maybe you can go back to the style of your earlier posts, at least from time to time?