Saturday, 12 April 2008

I get by...

So this is going to be unashamedly sappy. I’m just brimming forth with this joy that people who love you bring to your life. (At least, I’m kind of certain they love me – for the most part.)

When there is (to be completely corny) a meeting of the minds, there is a great deal of relief. (How can anyone hitch up with someone whose mind is not sexy? But that's another post.)
I love being a non-conformist but at the end of the day, I do want to belong to a group of non-conformists.

Together, you see the world, if not through the same eyes, then at least with a similar gaze – a little smug, a tad condescending, and with a whole lot of childlike wonder.

And you help each other with perspectives, with advice that often doesn’t get taken, and plenty of funny stories. (And you can take group pictures in colour-cordinated clothes, such fun!)

I swear I can’t live without laughter, or funny stories – the kind of funny stories that only the slightly roguish can narrate.

Even as the tears roll, the laughter brims, the curses are uttered and plots are hatched and plans are made, and life’s good again.

Oh, it’s a delight to be with such absolute, unadulterated bitches – who are complete mush inside – even if they have more of a sex life, at least more of a life, at least more sense than I have. And even if they always rub it in.

Life is good with the lunch gang.
Thank you, Anbu and Gopic and Free and Vat and Jithine, and oh hang it even you, BailyS.
You are the best! (In true Vat style. Ugh.)

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