Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Serviced with a smile

Poised at the edge of change, I know that right now I'm living a good life, a memory that will one day be recalled with smug smiles and complacent chuckles.

You probably know what I mean. And yes, you do know that this too shall pass but that's a thought you will deal with later.

When you have beer and other kinds of alcohol every weekend amid a great deal of laughter; many plates of food, and minds, to pick from everyday; and when every trivial incident of your life is celebrated by people who love you enough to let you go on, life seems indescribably good.

It's like a nice session in the sack with someone you can laugh with and love followed by deep and happy sleep. You wake up, stretch, and smile - foolishly blissful. “Another day? Ah well, life's swell.”


dbliss said...

lol. this post brought fond memories of nigts stolen from time when silver trees glittered with purple loneliness

amandeep said...

ah, here you get hinting :)

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

LOL, guys.