Sunday, 17 October 2010

Instant Happy Makers

This one is again for Harini who started it on Facebook
Here's what she says, "Was thinking, today, of all those little things that make such a big difference to our routine every day....those things that make us almost 'instantly happy'. O I don't mean all those complicated 'happy makers' like great career moves, fantastic relationships, the great bod, beautifully planned vacations, sons and lovers...but little things...simple and so accessible...quite easy to come by...yet such powerful day-enhancers. Really, our lives would be so blah without em. I was wondering what all your happy-makers would be....actually was looking to try some...steal  a couple perhaps :)))."

And these are mine. 

1) Weather in Bangalore just before it rains
2) A smile from a stranger and stimulating conversation with anyone
3) Luscious, ripe, sweet fruits
4) Smell of the sea, freshly baked cookies, bread, earth after it rains
5) Laughter - hearing it, participating in it
6) Being surprised by a favourite song anywhere
7) Reading a book whose ending, whether happy or sad, makes you cry because it is so brilliantly written
8) Feel of wind in my hair, feel of the grass at night when barefoot, feel of warm clothes on a cold day, feel of chocolate on my tongue, the feel of the bed after a tiring day
9) Good old-fashioned flirting with a woman or a man who knows how to do it in style
10) Friends who know you so well that they know exactly what you want and when
11) Being pampered by someone just because 
12) The taste of water when thirsty, taste of white wine/good quality bubbly on a good night
13) A pain-free day or at least a spasmoed day
14) Hot massages followed by steamier baths (and no innuendos intended)
15) Seeing beautiful things coloured purple or red
16) Mom's cooking - anything at all
17) Spending days/nights, talking, sharing, holding hands/hugging/kissing my men
18) Writing that perfect piece
19) Giving and receiving gifts and seeing faces split in that smile
20) A drink that actually makes me slightly tipsy and gives that happy high

And here's a song that's been on my mind all this week and that always, always makes me smile and sing along. Although I really prefer this version better because of the fight - 

Now for yours.....what makes you tickle-happy? :)


I, me, myself.... said...

Since I have little or no imagination and/or creativity, I would agree with most of your points! And include, a baby's gurgling laugh. There's something about the innocence in that laugh that goes right through all the cynical layers and straight to the jaded heart!

Basically Blah said...

Waking up three hours before the alarm is due to go off and realising you have three whole hours to snooze still!

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Yes, gurgling laughter of babies is awesome. :)

BB, that is if you are asleep, then yes. For chronic insomniacs like me alarms just don't matter.

GK said...

Bangalore, night, rain, candle, Susheela raman, cup of chai - Makes me feel that life is complete.

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Except GK, if you are doing that, I need to be there too for it to be really complete. And Freety, of course. :) Muah.