Friday, 16 January 2009

Turn of (the) phrase away

So since I am only succeeding in getting myself thoroughly and wholly embittered and depressed thanks to a wonderful man and a broken relationship I thought I will cheer myself up by talking about turns of phrases that annoy me. It's at least a change of emotion.

So the first one to top the list is of course, "Anyways". Say what? "Anyways, as I was saying..." Detestable. Just because people around you use it does not mean you do too. And isn't dropping that 's' any day easier?

The next one is the oft-quoted one in conference rooms - It's not rocket science.

I'm suddenly feeling lost so I'm going to talk about mispronunciations that never fail to make me wince.

Genuine = jenine (any Kannadiga worth his/her thili saaru says jinine)

Opportunity = apportunity (CEOs in my previous company always said apportunity, guys, really.)

And the favourite one is Frawns for Prawns.

Corporate jargon?

Touch base
Shadow period
Leave a window

Hell, this is a pretty exhaustive list. So I'll stop here. I'm not exactly interested in writing, I just want to distract myself till the comfort kicks in.

As an aside, I seriously hate prissy people who go , "isssss...." when they hear an honest to goodness cussword like even shit or fuck. Like really. And the few who stand up and say, "That's perfectly fine, who didn't understand what part of that word now?"
Thank you, PLo, Jeff, and my lunch gang for being so remarkably sensible and normal about cussing.

That's one reason I think I really like Yahoo! Not many really give a fuck if you say fuck.

Oh fuck it, who am I kidding, nothing's going to make this ache go away.

So long till the next post.


Basically Blah said...

Oh, please, please, you must rant against people who say "hell-dhee" for "healthy"! Is it supposed to be fashionable or something?! Show me a damn dictionary that states that "helldhee" is the right way to say it and I will eat it! I promise!

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Shucks! Yes. That is so annoying. I know exactly what you mean.

Oh and generic. Man, that's got to be the most mispronunced word ever. I've heard nearly all the variants - zheneric, jenric, jeaneric, jenrickh. Agh.

'Smee! said...

You forgot your favourite, baby. "Keep rocking"!

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Hahahahaha. Shucks, yes, I did forget that. "Keep rocking" And now thaanks to that stupid movie it's "rock on". Grrr...