Monday, 26 January 2009

Om Shantih Om

I finally saw Om Shanti Om.

In parts, of course.

I was distracted by the solar eclipse and associated rituals to watch it continuously and to watch it whole. I'm going to just talk about the eclipse for a while and my complete bewilderment with the way the eclipse is supposedly going to affect my life. (Like Mr. B and associated happenings haven't already eclipsed the sunshine from my life.) And in order to prevent that from happening, I had to bathe twice and eat once. Whatever.

I sneaked in a few dry dates because honestly there's no point going hungry unless absolutely necessary and nothing really happened. And in between the baths and the smuggling of dates into the mouth, I saw parts of Om Shanti Om.

I loved it. It's like Bollywood's Yung thesis. Collective consciousness and all that. I mean which Indian worth his/her salt hasn't grown up on a staple diet of Bollywood - the songs, the dances, the sets, the reincarnations, the revenge, the stars, the giggly big-eyed herione turning all intense and grown up?

Absolutely fantastic, darling. (And I say this with my renewly acquired Brit accent after watching that wonderful con series - Hustle. I still don't know whom I find madly attractive - Mikey, Danny? Or I'd just do Stacey. Man, she's so gorgeous.)

I loved Shahrukh Khan doing a Rhett Butler and the entire incongruity of, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." And then the whole, "Don't show me the finger." LOL. How do they think of these things! Deepika Padukone is lovely. Though I really wish she'd stop and so make the world stop pronuncing it Pahdu-Cone. And it's a really awful feeling when you know for a fact that the new heroines are all younger than you are. Just makes me want to shake my head. Considering they can't even pronounce their own last names correctly, it's not too bad, yet, eh mate? (See, there I go again. Man, I must get Hustle out of my head.)

So anyway that's one must-watch movie off my list. I missed most of it though, so it was really worth it. I don't know why I feel this way about movies. I can watch whole TV series at one go, forgetting to even pop those requisite dates/almonds (recommended nutritional supplements) but I simply cannot sit through a three-hour long movie. Unless I do it in parts, or with someone.

So anyway, key take-away from the movie is such a direct quote from The Alchemist. 'You want something bad enough, the whole universe conspires to make it happen.'

Oh yes, baby, that's the stuff to feed the masses - fairytale romances, hopeful, happy endings, good triumphing over evil (in the guise of a chandelier that has its own mind and never fails to recognise the bad man). I mean, how can you possibly go wrong?

Farah Khan must have laughed her way out of her triplet pregnancy while pulling in the moolah and pushing out the babies. (Man, I hope I have twins, someday, soon.)

What a movie! Eliot would hate this version of Shantih though. Reason enough to love it now. LOL. I'm at peace.

All hot boys put your hands up and say it now, go on...


'Smee! said...

:| "Shantih" is nearly as bad as "hie"

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Didn't study Eliot, did you, darling? Sigh.

Aman said...

LOL, so cool ...