Friday, 26 December 2008

About making friendship with me - don't

So okay, in the past couple of months I've been getting all these requests on my gtalk window.

Since I invariably get excited about new ids, thinking they are all people I've met sometime before in life, I usually accept the requests to talk. Then it turns out, it's a reader of my blog, who now wants to make friendship with this "beautiful", "sexy", "nice", "lovely", "lady".

Fascinating. But I must say, don't, please.
Please be warned: What I write is not necessarily who I am.

So thank you for reading and finding it and me interesting, but don't please try to become part of my life. If it's meant to be, it will be, honey, you don't need to talk to me for that! Do keep reading, and hopefully I will churn out enough drama soon.

Tata, then, till the next post.

Now I am convinced I actually have readers, as opposed to just family being brow-beaten to reading this stuff. LOL. There's always a good side.


Marvin Grey said...

According to her blog, Meenakshi Madhavan (CompulsiveConfessor) has earned $30 in 8 months by installing Google Adsense. Not bad. I think thats almost worth a couple of gold class tickets at PVR.

However, I would not install it. (1) I don't get a lot of traffic and (2) what if they advertise something weird - like tickets to a Micheal Jackson concert?!

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

LOL, okay. That makes sense. MJ concert? Poor man, he's dying. And I did like him, I still like Remember the Time.

Anu said...

"What I write is not necessarily who I am."

I have a lot to say on that.

Marvin Grey said...

I was a fan too. But then he ended up believing his music videos and concert clips - that he is something special and different. Anyway, he is not dying. That's just a rumour. :-)