Sunday, 30 November 2008

Since I've been tagged and all that

Oh well, every blogger gets a call to do this sometime, I guess. 

So here's what I am doing. Reading Nora Roberts and wondering why things can't be so simple, or why I refuse to whip up some magic and shape up a few minds...

"My clients pay me for discretion. They get what they pay for," he added. "You should know."

Go to page 123 of the current book you are reading, skip the first five lines, copy the next three. So there, tag done. And no, I'm not going to tag someone and make them go through this even though it turned out amusing enough. Besides, I don't know how to bleddy tag them. 

In case you are wondering, "he" is not a gigolo. 

Now that is an idea. Bhumika, what say? 


'Smee! said...

He's not? LOL
Thanks for honouring the tag!

Sumantics said...

Been tagged again :) sorry!