Tuesday, 9 September 2008

You got to be very bad to be really good

Conflict is really one's true friend. It gives you a rush and spurs you on to become what you will be. When everything is smooth sailing, it's so nice, but well, boring. Which is why one ought to be around people one thinks are interesting.

I'll never settle for mere nice, though niceness is very important to me. You need someone to have an intrinsic goodness, but they ought to be absolute bitches without. Witty, biting, goading you on to pithier come-backs and quicker one-liners.

Which is exactly what had been missing from my life. And oh! I miss the bitches. I miss being around someone like Pushpalee who can be positively evil, or around people who have the irreverent bitchiness that Gopic, Anbu and Vatty have in such blessed abundance. Or the sharp, stinging wit of B. Or even Freety's sophisticated humour. Or may be it's because in my head, I know these people. I know what they feel about the important things in life. May be it's that I am missing. Knowing the people you are around so thoroughly and absolutely that you are constantly surprised by all that they do.

In my new place, things are still catching on. Sweet smiles and trying-to-be-funny-but-sorry-I-explained-the-joke-too-long humour. Everyone I have met in recent times (and not just at the workplace) is way too sweet or terribly bitchy in the wrong way (read, without class), or they stand and explain things too much. And there's been absolutely no conflict till today.

Today, thank god, I came to my own. I had a fight. So even while I am ill, I am happy. And I thoroughly appreciate the term 'fighting fit'. And I can write a non-sensical blog about a transient happiness.

Conflict, and the chance that lets you go into battle and maybe emerge triumphant is enough. The adrenaline pumps, the heart beats, the palms sweat, the teeth grit, and there - you are so wonderfully alive again!

So life is throwing you lemons, lambkins? Why then, make lemonade. And add a generous amount of vodka while you are at it. And see how the roses bloom on your cheeks.

I know I am a bad person. Oh but it is so delicious to be wicked. Positively increases sex appeal.

There, a post finally.

Conflict also makes one creative.


Freethan Meignanam said...

But, Darling.
Why do I think u are the best?
The blog is just a piece of work ...

Freety' sophisticated humour, was that sarcastic?

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Freety, don't be daft. And don't forget how you make me laugh on weekends when we do our catching-up. Freety Darling, you are fun and often terribly funny - and it is sophisticated.

And thank you. Muah. :) Love you, baby.

Eveline said...

...It does i guess. Rush of energy ignites the brain.

Good luck at work.

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Thank you, Eveline. I feel like I need it.