Sunday, 2 December 2007

A few good men

Good grief, the idea when I thought of beginning the blog was to be incisive and witty, and hold forth meaningful discussions; and not get all overwrought (I just love that word), and emotional.

However, I have to, have to gush. About people in general and specific fellows in particular.

It's amazing that the world is so full of people who sometimes decide to be so wonderfully nice.

Like my friend from school who decided to do my blog layout for me simply because he was as excited about my blog as I was.

I like what he's done. I'd like a seascape instead of mountains there at the top and more of purple, perhaps, instead of the strong blue, but this is rather nice too. And reader friendly. (Incidentally, this otherwise sane and promising lad from among my acquaintances said pink and purple are pretty much the same. Blasphemy. I'm not sure how I want to treat him after this. He claims he has a cold so perhaps it was the medicine talking. I certainly hope so. Imagine!)

Praveen has also given me links to blogs I might like, and I'm looking at some of them and they are really nice, though I have to admit, I've so far found (I almost said hitherto and stopped just in time) blogging an incredibly boring thing to do. I mean, why would you want to read all that I've been writing?

Praveen also decided to include stuff that I might want to have. Like what I am currently reading, which fortunately, is respectable now, and not something like Lucky Bones or was it Lovely Bones? A book I read last week. Oh please, don't ever read it. It's one of those books that are begging to be left alone. And that is as it should be.

And the poll component. So now I can poll whether to get my navel pierced after a year, on the blog and not spend thousands of rupees sms-ing people (texting people sounds so put on).

Isn't all this super? It really is when I tell you that I don't remember Praveen from school at all, though we were from the same batch. We just found each other on Orkut through the school community and here we are getting to know each other through gtalk. And he took it upon himself to do this for me! I'm so humbled and touched. Thank you, Praveen.

Then there's Anbu, my buddy from work who sent me my purple snap to use for the blog. Again, because he shared my excitement about blogging and he knows how insanely passionate I am about the colour purple. Anbu, like many others at work, humours me very nicely indeed.

People are sometimes so incredibly nice. It just takes the bitchiness out of you so effectively.

Like the automan last week (you must picture me saying 'automan' in my Dingo accent) who asked us if he could drop us back as we'd travelled far and away from my back-of-the-beyond home and he knew we'd find it difficult to find another auto back. We exchanged phone numbers and he called to check if we'd found an auto and reached home safe! You will understand why Laeqat is a true hero if I add that he even shared a route that would cost us less money!

And so it's nice to wake up to colours, books, magic and miracles and find that the world is all right. Really.


Darshan Chande said...

Hi Bhumika. I see my website Me and Literature linked to your blog through you favorite pages list.

I am very glad you liked my website and considered linking to it. Thank you very much!

Will you visit my newly built website Reflections, and tell your views about it. It lists my all writing on a single, and very personal kind of, website. Here it is:

Thanks and ragards,

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

I think the purple has an equivalent in Hindi at least -- they call it baingani, meaning the colour of brinjal.

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Hi Darshan,

Thanks, I will do that. If you've actually read my post, you'll understand that adding you wasn't my idea. I don't mean to sound ungracious here, but I'm terribly new to blogging.

And yes, if you read my latest post you will understand that I will be reading more blogs. Thanks for visiting.

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Hi Bishwanath,

See that's precisely the point. It's always like something - brinjal or a berry (as we have in Kannada nerale banna) but nothing like say, neela, laal, hara whatever. It's rather unfortunate and strange.

amandeep said...

I am come a little in reverse here, from top to bottom. But you started well, hope you get back to specifics :)