Monday, 3 December 2007

Doggedly Disciplined

Since I'm a bit of a wise woman, I've realised that nothing good in life comes easy; and that hardwork (which is not as boring as it sounds) and discipline (now this is really tiresome) are essential to achieving one's goals (which are rather vague, right now; but the idea again is to not let non-essentials bog one down).
And with such noble thoughts, I woke up from deep slumber (induced after much emotional drama and stormy emotion, which is a tale that can't be told, even in a boudoir) to publish the new post.

And prove a point to myself, which is that I'll keep my promises.

And learn to live my life with discipline. So starting tomorrow, I'm also going to start reading, actually start reading, all those links that Praveen has added on my blog as My Favs and Blog Roll.

This will undoubtedly make me a better person. Well-informed and a chatty host. "Would you like some milk, dear? And yes, I read about it. I was thoroughly shocked, let me tell you..." (thorough as the Brit say it). Nice.

Nev's blog, of course, I read from time to time because this is a copywriter whose writing is often as delicious as a Geisha.

A nice read, that. Memoirs of a Geisha. I had wet dreams about make-up for a month at least after reading that. And of course, walked around with crimson (which is the only shade of red that I really like) lips and absolutely no subtlety. And enjoyed every minute of it which is more to the point. Books must do that to you, leave lasting impressions. At least every writer hopes to do that.

There, does that suffice? Let's evaluate the entry.

  • I've shared a profound insight on how to live life
  • I've spoken about self-improvement (Can I charge for these tips?)
  • I've publicized Nev's blog
  • I've briefly reviewed a book subjectively
  • I've spoken about the art of writing
  • And I've completed more than 250 words of writing!
Yoo hoo. Success is mine inc.

So by the end of this week (which seems intolerably long suddenly. Christ, is it still only Monday?) I will be a writer who has week-long entries to show for.

Commendable. I'm turning into the leaf I want to be. Deeply green, curled up and purpled at the edges with smug pleasure. I like. And so now, I'm off to bed. Again.

I also promise to write quality stuff because Bhumika, my darling, it's the how that always counts.

Trala and pip-pip.

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amandeep said...

A little late for me to comment and for you to start, but wish you best!