Friday, 13 August 2010

Feel So High!

It's an awesome night. It's actually drizzling outside. Bangalore has totally become bloody buggering London except for the poshness and the stockings and the killer heels. I still can't sleep but I'm not complaining because the past few days kicked ass and made me feel like I really did live in a good world. 

Last evening, we had a college reunion and I decided to bunk it. Then my boy who was sitting at the Besantnagar beach called me and told me I was being anti-social and that I had to change my gender (not in the same sentence). To which I replied by asking him not to be fathead as I am a gay man and can't change gender again. And I am a gay man because I love gay men. I can't help it. They are the only ones who are hot, witty, and fun. They can even write decent English (most of them anyway). But this illogical discussion convinced me that I need to get out and stop being anti-social. I went and it was a good thing. It was awesome to realise that we haven't changed so much that we can't have fun together. 

And my classmates are really easy on the eye - everyone of them - so that helps too because I've decided to be shallow from now on. And that's what is so good. 

Over the past few days I realised that I really don't give a fuck about what people think about me anymore. Like really. Even I thought I was making an empty statement on the birthday post but apparently not. 

Which means now I'm really a scary woman. Ta da!
I told a guy I barely know to enjoy S&M on Facebook because I thought it was an apt and fun response. I continue to call waiters and other odd people 'sweety' and don't care if their eyes bulge out of their sockets. And when some of them think that my calling them 'sweety' gives them the permission to stare at my ample bosom (how quaint and lovely that phrase) I just raise an eyebrow and make them (the weird men, not my ample bosom) feel really small. That's another thing I'm getting damn good at. Making people feel really small by doing nothing except looking at them for less than two seconds. Earlier I took longer. 

I used to be a wicked girl before. I'm so thrilled I'm now pure evil. It makes things very easy. I'm all growed up. Sniff. I even made my own cup of tea the other day! 

Except when the pain comes and the anger kicks in and the nightmares with all that negativity start when I do manage to sleep. God, if only it wasn't for the nights. And really, why on earth do we have lawmen? And why are they so efficient? I'd really like to burn down a few places no matter how many times dear friends assure me that they just can't see me as an arsonist. But honestly, I want to. And honestly, it's no big loss in terms of architecture or lives lost. I want to be some sort of modern-day Kannagi like this but apparently I have to wait till revenge will automatically be served cold and sweet by something everyone is calling Karma. So wuss! 

But that doesn't bother me quite so much as some of my regular readers do. Thanks to Feedjit, I now know who my regular readers are. And I really want Heidelberg, Baden-W├╝rttemberg person to drop me a line because I have an insane tip for you that will make your life so easy! Bitte? 

And don't please do the anonymous crap with me, readers. It's just so boring! 

Also, Whimsical, thank you. 

I really like that I am now sharing videos on my blog. And music. So hep it makes me. So technically sound. Pun totally intended. So last evening was fucking sexy because I also listened to The Ministry of Sound The Annual 2010 (all three CDs) and I can't wait to go dancing again! So here, get this! So fucking hot! Imagine some 25 hours of music like this going on and on and on. And I really feel so high and I'm not even up to my nose in pills! Now if only I had a car, this would be the perfect time to drive down to Maddoor and ooh ah let the music play and drink cold coffee and eat sizzling hot dessert in the rain! Soon, my love, soon!


Ravi Rao said...

Pure fun reading ur post :) and S&M thing.. Nice.. :D
//Ravi Rao

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Aww... thank you Ravi. :D

Marvin Grey said...

Being a bit or more wicked is important. The more sensitive you are, the more wicked you need to be.

The famous - 'screw you' money, which I first heard in Nobel House, is based on us being a bit wicked. However, as it is not always easy to reach that sort of money, so we need to throw is a bit of Zen as well.

So it bottoms out to (for me) - a little wickedness, enough money to visit any part of the globe twice a year for a minimum period of 2-3 weeks without checking my bank balance and Zen all the way through.

Marvin Grey said...

Oh I almost forgot. Sleep hours are cumulative. In my case, unless attended to, there is tiredness, motion sickness and increasing difficulty in getting sleep.

Thankfully, rains puts me to sleep. It is nice to be in my hometown.

Eveline said...

welcome back to hell, we saved a spot for you...

'...drink cold coffee and eat sizzling hot dessert in the rain' - I love the imagery! So here's to hoping you get a car soon.

After reading this post I feel like buying a ridiculously expensive bottle of french champagne and contemplating my future with something completely self indulgent.

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

MG, you see right through me. I'm not sure I like that too much. Sleep's better now. I take the pills around 6 so I drop dead around 11. Decent.

Eveline, oh God, hell is definitely where I am headed. I'm just learning that speech by Faust to Mephistopheles. It might come in handy or they might be happy with a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody! And thank you for the imagery bit and thank you for hoping I get a car soon too. I need one. Life is very difficult with just two wheels. And I hope you indulged well and thoroughly! :)