Monday, 5 July 2010

All out of funk

Just a quick update for people who have been concerned and asking my friends about me instead of directly asking me. 
Next time, please to get straight to the horse's mouth. 
You should know by now that I like an audience more than anything in the world. And I like an audience more when I am out of sorts. 
I am all out of funk now. In absolute tip-top shape. 
Lips are healing well, have begun to smile again and am very busy planning a bacchanalian holiday.

Also Germany won against Argentina. And they did that just for me though the press won't really tell you these things.  
I got love letters from the men who were supposed to write them. 
And got resolution to a very bothersome fight with one of my husbands. (of course, I won the fight.)
And received lots of good old-fashioned girl loving and soothing. 
So chill maadi, all, I am fine, still strong, gutsy, bitchy, in love with Lady Gaga, wondering how to get into Broadway theatre, and what shade of lipstick to really buy, and all of that. 
And thank you. Really appreciate you being worried about me. :) 
Now, tell me, should I get a tattoo next month or wait for a significant time? (like a birthday, my completing-French-class-day, or my learnt-how-to-swim-day, or my ex-fell-dead-day, or something like that?) 
Comments necessary for this post. Please advice. 
Thank you, sweety darlings, and all ye who enter the boudoir and read. 
Muah. Muah. Muah. 


freethan Meignanam said...

delighted darling.
please please get the tattoo on the day your ex will fall dead. It will be victory and all that. Muah muah.
Boudoir smells of cool water, why so?

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

"Boudoir smells of cool water, why so?"
Awww... I love you ever so much.

And no we cannot wait till Baily drops dead. Victory it will be, but we need tattoo sooner.

Muah. Muah. Muah.

Suresh said...

Delirious and delightful Bhumika ..that’s what ur audience love about you.
Ok…don’t kill me for calling you Delirious :)
Tattoo?? Why the funk are you waiting for someone else to tell when to do it? Consult your astrologer or like Nike says “just do it” ..out of curiosity where exactly is the tattoo going to crop up? No..I don’t have a dirty mind…just a curious one… a cat…

Rati said...

Get a purple flower today. getting out of the funk is event enough.

GK said...

I suggest that you keep perfecting your tattoo design. Sit on it atleast for a month or so and then get it done!

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Delirious, eh, Suresh? Okay. I would have said something sharp and biting but you went and said you were curious as a cat and the reference to a cat ironically saved your life. Strange. But they say I am capricious. Whatever. Location of the tattoo is proving to be a real pain in the ass. We (my girlfriends, my husbands, and I) are all divided on where it's going to be. I'll keep you posted.

Rati, true, but I don't want a purple flower and I really want to think this through. Also no money at all this month and tattoo guys are damn expensive.

GK, I've always known what I want. Thing is can he design it the way I want. And I want you to think really properly and deeply about where (which body part) I need to get it done. Check mail maadi. Thank you.

Also, I can't believe you guys are giving me so much bandwidth and attention now. Where the hell were you all when I needed proverbial shoulder to whine to? Huh?

Anonymous said...

I'd say wait on the tattoo for a's a big step, and you want to take it when you are absolutely sure. I know when I'm getting a tattoo, now just need to figure out what to get. :D

Glad to know you are feeling better!

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

SS, I hope you feel better too. And soon. I read. Will leave comments soon. I've wanted this tattoo for the past 10 years at least, have always been scared though and didn't find anyone right to tattoo it on me. But my friend's tattoo artist is brilliant and he has me convinced. I'll get it done as soon as the budget allows for it. Where, though is a million dollar question. The whole family is divided on where it is to be. Anyway it's going to definitely be in a place where it'll get easy PR. That's for sure. :)