Saturday, 30 January 2010

Joys of dating

It began as a very sorry day with a French leave. Call me a loser, but I am a happier person when I am working even if it is (as it so usually is) working from home!

And when things finally panned out and the day settled in, I was so tired that a massage seemed like a good idea after which it was obvious I would fall asleep.

When I woke, it was with that oh-no-I've agreed to go out today- feeling. And the horror of horrors - I'd had to meet new people!

But when a dear friend tells you that it's not so much an outing as a date and that you will be picked up and dropped to the house and that all your drinks will be paid for it's seems pretty rude to refuse.

What more does a girl who spends all her life in a Bangalore suburb want?

What does a girl want on a date?

A man who cleans up well.
A man who is genuinely sweet to the girls' folks.
A man who treats the girl like a queen and helps her select what to wear.
A man who says she looks beautiful even if the mirror screams about going on a diet and pronto.
A man who jokes and laughs and talks about his day on the way to the venue.
A man who listens when the girl bitches about a day that began all wrong.
A man who takes her to a place that plays her kind of music even if he isn't too keen a follower of hard rock.
A man who says, "Have a large whiskey, sweety. You are my date. Don't worry about anything."
A man who is thrilled to see the girl having fun!
A man who gets all her jokes and even those of her friends.
A man who shares her passion for men - fun, interesting, and filled with sex appeal.

Yes, the second of the best dates ever in my life (read about the first here) and it happened again with a very special someone whom I didn't have to shag but with whom I could discuss every aspect of having sex, ex-factors, heartache, meeting men, and what not, and not worry about being perceived as pushy or a tart (though any real man will tell you that it's tantalizing to have a woman who can be both).

And thank the Lord I am surrounded by perfect men who know what it is to be themselves and kind and nice and genuine and fun.

Life is good!

Bless you, sweetydarlings, who've tried to cheer me through these 'sick' times, you know who you are.


Peeking Duck said...

Yes, thank god that you got a pick of the best men. I love your picture

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

I know, really, thank god. And thank you PD. :)

Interesting blog yours. I really feel that I know you or know of you. Media is an incredibly minuscule world in a small world.

GK said...

I wish these blogs had a "Like" button like FB. I is totaly likes it!

Freethan Meignanam said...

Darling, I LOVE YOU!