Saturday, 16 January 2010

Zebra crossing

You know that feeling you get when you know you are poised at the edge of something waiting...
and all happy things happen and you feel blessed?

All it takes is for some stray thing to take you back and push you down.

For me it was the zebra crossing. I was crossing the road decently when suddenly it was just too overwhelming. It all came back to me like it had happened yesterday. And I had put it very firmly behind. But may be not.

Strange, you can talk to someone endlessly and not miss them when they are gone.
Strange that the one person you trust to treat you right, does you so wrong and doesn't even apologize. When all your worst fears about yourself are confirmed oh so callously.

Oh bugger it. I'm funking it blue.

And I so don't need it now.



Marvin Grey said...

Top 8

8. Cadbury Rum and Raisin bar - I have not tried it. I gave it to a colleague who did not like the way I sent across a point about locking her workstation. Now, she is waiting for me to screw up again.

7. Buffet - Barbecue Nation is up there up but that's not the game. You have to find the next best one.

6. Movie at a GOOD theater. Your only choices in Bangalore - INOX or PVR only. That does NOT include Fame or Multiplex!!

5. Top sitcom - Scrubs, HIMYM, Smallville (WTF?! Right? But I have started so I shall finish)

4. Visit family / relatives (the best of the lot ofcourse)

3. New workout regime

2. A trip out of Bangalore - IN A TRAIN!! Maybe the new funky one bullet like, red and with big windows which I see in the mornings at RK Puram at 9.30AM when I am late for work.

PS - Point No. 6 & 2 together - IMAX dome at Hyderabad.

1. A walk - It is simple and works all the time.

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

MG, thank you so much. Can't wait to try your to-do list. Did try the 1 and in Chennai too, when the weather was surprisingly pleasant. Care for a trip to Hyderabad? :)

Marvin Grey said...

I cant imagine enjoying a walk in humid Chennai.

Hyderabad? Honestly? :)

Overnight on Kacheguda Express around Rs. 600/- return Avatar 3 D in Imax Dome - Rs. 200/-. It beats Gold Class any day.

No I did not find it all just now. Me, my cousin brother and my sister-in-law were planning for this trip. Specifically for this movie.

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

No, no, not Avatar. I've seen it already. The 3D one itself. Anything else. Otherwise, it's a good plan. Let's go.

Oh and Chennai is very good for my joints. So is any humid place. Really, Bangalore needs a sea!

Marvin Grey said...

I just remember having 5 showers in the 32 hours I was in Chennai.

There is nothing but Avatar on IMAX at present.

When you want to go? I was planning for one or two of the following in February -

1) Hyderabad
2) Thirupathi
3) Art of Living - 3 day weekend.

P. said...

Sometimes it helps to have a good cry. Heaven knows I do it more often than not. *hugs*

Men (and sometimes women) can be pigs. Doesn't mean we have to let them run our hearts.