Thursday, 8 October 2009

10 ways of happy!

I want to write something happy. There's been too much sorrow and a lot of kashta pain now.

Pondering on grief, I remembered the most fun song ever on sorrow that a girl and a boy (in the throes of fleeting puppy love then) wrote and narrated to me in school. Divya and Sandeep, I doubt you even remember each other much less this silly song, but I do and it's still as fun as it ever was! (Dukkha in Kannada means sorrow.)
Dukkha dukkha dukkha oops
Dukkha dukkha dukkha ah
Dukkha dukkha dukkha oh
Haha dukkha dukkha dukkha hee
You should hear it sung to appreciate it. Really.

Another reason to count blessings is that finally my wish has come true. Aditya Birla heard me and decided to open a huge supermarket (I'm sure just for me) - a mere 7 minutes away (on foot) from my back-of-the-beyond house. More!

More? I can actually walk to the supermarket now. I tire, but not all that much. And yesterday, I was able to handle the crowds just fine without wishing to kill anyone for just being all alive and bustling and healthy. I even bought myself a mixed fruit and nuts muesli packet that I will eventually eat. So alive I am.

Began the day reading a really lovely piece of poetry that Marvin Grey sent me. Thank you, Marvin. And listening to the songs Praveen sent me, thank you much, Praveen.

Had a series of work-related calls today that led me to feel happy and busy and not so disabled.

Hoppee, curlicular Vat decided to visit me and even unbent so much as to buy me my favourite let-me-orgasm-and-moan chocolate cake. But turns out I'm now asexual even when it comes to orgasmic food! But that's no reason to discount good old-fashioned lesbian loving.

And as only a girl can tell which Vat did - sitting at home has been very good for the hair - which shines (of course when I have bothered to comb it) and skin - which glows (okay, this I just noticed in the mirror.)

I still have Rs.-77 only in my bank account but am now beginning to dream million-dollar dreams. Again.

I successfully conned my mom to feed me twice in a day today. Yea!

I have a brand-new, sleek, purple water-bottle that my momma got for me from More! :)


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You know... I listen to that theme music from Tora! Tora! Tora! by Jerry Goldsmith.. when I am down. I think I sent you that some time back. :)

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