Sunday, 30 December 2007

Counting crows and other matters

Magic in the world - so much of it; newness begins - so much of it.

I even saw two black birds when I returned home from meeting friends on a lazy Sunday evening where everyone was talking about the New Year.

I like the lead up to New Year's eve - the way everyone gets so excited about where to party, whom to party with, whom to kiss, what to wear, what to drink, how much to consume, what to eat, will that be the night I and X go all the way...


I stand apart, a solitary reaper of good fortune and smile a little smugly. My day and year begins too. The new year countdown begins the countdown to the one day that is wholly, uniquely my own - my happy birthday day.

And while they think and kiss and wish, I begin to count. Just five more months to go and there will be magic in the world and the newness will begin, so much of it.

Oh it's so nice to be alive and celebrate days. And to see and count two blackbirds. Time and numbers are heavenly.

Only what colour should it be this year?
Well, never mind, I have the whole of January to decide.

Please sqaush all those whispers I hear about megalomania this and narcissist that, right now. Remember that it's lack of occupation that leads to preoccupation. (I really love Nora Roberts.) So there.


Jayasankar Peethambaran said...

Good start to ur bloggin'


amandeep said...

So full of yourself :)

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

Hi Jay,

Thank you so much. I just hope I can sustain the writing. I've failed already. :)


Bhumika's Boudoir said...

So are you complaining, Amandeep? :)